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With soils varying from sandy loam along the river bank to rich red clay on the slopes, the Pyramid Hill vineyard is able to match each grape variety to its favourite soil type. By giving the vines the environment they like best, we are able to carefully craft and control their foliage growth to let just the right amount of sunlight reach the fruit.



But while the natural resources of the vineyard provide the basis of our management, we also allow the latest technology to play its part downloading constantly into the office computer is detailed weather and environmental data linked with continuous electronic measurement of moisture levels at different depths in the vineyard soils.

Armed with this data, and having the added benefit of a fully computerized irrigation system, we have total control over irrigation application and full knowledge of the micro-climate in each block of vines. All this adds up to a higher quality of fruit which in turn means a higher quality of wine in each bottle of Pyramid Hill Wine


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